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PFC Inductor’s Specifications and Ratings Demystified

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The Power Factor Correction (PFC) inductors are considered to be the most critical components in power supply systems. They help increase the efficiency of the power socket by improving the power factor, reducing harmonic distortion and enhancing the output voltage levels. This paper intends to make you understand what PFC inductor specifications and ratings are all about.

What is a PFC Inductor?

A PFC inductor is a kind of inductor found in any power supply system where there is correction of power factor. The factor indicates how useful AC incoming powers are utilized within a given system. A unitary power factor means that total input energy contributes effectively while those below one indicate some wastages of it. In order to increase efficiency of this type of power supply system therefore, use of these materials that improve its operation like PFC inductors can be considered.

Principal Specifications for a PFC Inductor

The following things should be taken into account when selecting a PFC inductor:

1. When we talk about an inductor, we primarily understand “inductance”. This measures how much energy an inductor can save up inside its magnetic field and it is measured using Henrys (H).

2. Current rating refers to the maximum current level that does not cause overheating or physical destruction on an inductor; it is expressed as Amperes (A).

3. In other words, DC Resistance (DCR) represents electrical resistance offered by this coil/configuration when direct current flows across it; such resistance will always be measured via Ohms (Ω).

4. It defines at which point the inductance starts dropping rapidly with increasing current applied to it – thereafter no additional energy can be saved up within its BF too.

5. The temperature rating specifies highest conditions under which no performance-based impairments or mechanical damage can happen.


To design or maintain power supply systems, PFC inductor specifications and ratings must be understood. Choosing the right PFC inductor requires you to optimize for efficiency of your power supply, minimize energy wastage and extend the life span of your system. Thus, always consider the following when choosing a PFC inductor: Inductance, Current Rating, DCR, Saturation Current and Temperature Rating appropriate for your application.

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