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Troubleshoot and maintain Power Inductor

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Power inductors are one of the essential components in power conversion within the field of power electronics. However, they too can fail like any other electronic device. This article will delve into diagnosing and caring for these devices for their proper operation.

Inductor Troubleshooting

Mostly, failures of power inductors occur as performance degradation or complete shutdown which can be caused by overheating, overloading, mechanical abuse or manufacturing faults among others. The following are some common ways to troubleshoot them:

Visual inspection – this is the simplest way of troubleshooting; just look at it physically whether there are any noticeable damages such as cracks, scorch marks or corrosion.

Resistance measurement – measure resistance using multimeter if its value significantly differs from what is written on a specification sheet then probably it has already been damaged.

Inductance measurement – use an inductance meter to test whether its inductor value is same as what is indicated on a specification sheet otherwise consider it damaged.

Maintenance of Power Inductor

To keep it functioning properly, regular maintenance should be carried out on this equipment. Here are few tips for maintaining them:

Regular cleaning - Use soft cloth and non-corrosive cleaner to clean off dust particles that might have accumulated on surface over time so as to prevent dirt from building up inside too.

Prevent overheating - Allow enough space around power inductor for dissipation of heat generated during operation; avoid working under high temperature environmental conditions continuously.

Regular inspection - Check resistance, inductance values against specifications periodically along with physical condition checks which helps detect problems earlier enough before they become more serious thus easy fixing them.


Trouble shooting and maintenance processes of a Power Inductor ensure its normal operation. When we regularly inspect and service these devices, we get to identify issues early thereby increasing their life span while enhancing reliability and efficiency for power electronic systems.

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