Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations in Power Inductor Technology

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Innovations in Power Inductor Technology

The Power Inductor is a state-of-the-art electronic component that plays a crucial role in energy storage and release within electrical circuits. Its compact size and advanced design make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including power supplies, converters, and inverters. With its low resistance and high inductance properties, this power inductor ensures efficient current flow and minimizes power loss. Its robust construction and exceptional temperature stability guarantee reliable performance even in demanding industrial environments. Rely on the Power Inductor to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your electronic systems.

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Innovative Power Inductors for Future-Proofing Your Designs

Innovative Power Inductors for Future-Proofing Your Designs

In the dynamic electronic market, staying ahead requires flexible solutions that can adjust with evolving technology. Our modern power inductors are designed to future-proof your designs so that these products remain relevant and competitive for a long time.

Our power inductors place emphasis on shrinking size and integration, thus offering unrivaled design flexibility. Be it a small sized smart phone or an elaborate industrial system, our power inductors are customizable to suit any of your requirements. By putting your money into our inventive power inductors you will be investing into the success of your products in future.

Mission-critical applications require reliable power inductors.

Mission-critical applications require reliable power inductors.

To this extent, we have built our strong power inductors to withstand some of the harshest environments and challenging operational conditions to enable your devices stay consistent when they matter most.

Our power inductors are reliably tested according to strict standards. We put our products through grueling conditions like exposure to extreme heat/cold or shaking for them to withstand such scenarios. Select our reliable power inductors and always feel secure about your mission-critical applications.

Make Your Product Perform Better with High-Quality Power Inductors

Make Your Product Perform Better with High-Quality Power Inductors

When it comes to making your electronic products perform better, you need to invest in high-quality power inductors. Our premium power inductors offer exceptional performance across multiple applications such as consumer electronics and industrial equipment.

As a result of including our power inductors into your product’s design, you should anticipate improved efficiency, lower noise levels and greater thermal stability. This leads to longer product life cycles, reduced maintenance expenses and ultimately higher customer contentment. Select our power inductors today to make your product perform at the highest level.

Custom-made power inductors for fine engineering

Custom-made power inductors for fine engineering

This calls for components that can be adjusted to fit specific needs. As a result of this, we have made our power inductors customizable such that engineers are able to optimize their designs in accordance with specific application requirements and which will ensure that they are able to perform optimally and offer reliability.

We appreciate that no two projects are ever similar. Consequently, our power inductors come with various options for customization. For example, we can vary the value of the inductance or select different core materials. Our custom-made power inductors will help you attain accurate engineering for your projects.

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Guangdong Liwang High-tech Co, Ltd. was founded in October 2004 and is located in Huizhou, a national civilized city. Liwang is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO18001, QC080000, IATF16949 quality system certification, products in line with RoHS, halogen-free, REACH requirements.

The company's business focuses on inductors and transformers, mainly used in magnetic components in the electronic industry such as new energy photovoltaic energy storage, OBC, mobile phone chargers, adapters, etc., and the end customers are Huawei,Sungrow,Goodwe,Sofar, BYD, Kstar, OPPO, Vivo, Mi, Honor, Amazon, LG, MOTO, Deye,etc...

The company, outstanding electronic materials supplier,has a number of intellectual property rights, including 1 corporate brand project, 4 registered trademarks, 159 patent information, 13 software copyrights2, enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Domestic and overseas, the company's products are also deeply trusted by customers.


Charger Transformer

Highly efficient and powerful, the Charger Transformer features a compact design for easy integration, durability for long-term reliability, advanced safety features, and compatibility with various electrical systems.

Ferrite Core Inductor

Our Ferrite Core Inductor stands out with high inductance, low core losses, and exceptional EMI suppression, ensuring efficient energy transfer and reliable performance across diverse applications.

High Frequency Transformer

With advanced core materials and winding techniques, our High Frequency Transformer delivers efficient and reliable power transfer, compact size, and high frequency operation for demanding applications.

Magnetic Ring Inductors

Your inductors are excellent, with better prices for the same quality. We look forward to continuing our cooperation next time


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The transformers and chargers are not only reliable but also efficient. Their products are of high quality and their services are excellent. They come highly recommended.


John Smithson

Stable and reliable products that meet our requirements. Customized solutions available. Satisfied with the product quality and service.


Maria López

Good product quality at a reasonable price. Punctual delivery and great technical support. Satisfied and will continue working with you.



Your inductor is excellent and the price is within my budget. I am very satisfied with your technology and product quality, and I hope to have a long-term cooperation.





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What is a power inductor, and how does it work?

A power inductor is an electronic component that stores energy in the form of a magnetic field. It works by using a coil of wire to create this magnetic field when an electric current flows through it. This stored energy can then be used to regulate and control the flow of electrical current in a circuit.

How do I select the right power inductor for my application?

Selecting the right power inductor involves considering factors like inductance value, current rating, DC resistance, and temperature rating. It's important to understand your application's power requirements and consult our technical experts who can guide you in choosing the most suitable power inductor for optimal performance.

Are there any design considerations when using power inductors?

Yes, there are a few design considerations when using power inductors. These include proper PCB layout, minimizing parasitic effects, ensuring sufficient cooling, and considering electromagnetic interference (EMI) mitigation measures. Our technical team can assist you in optimizing your design for maximum efficiency and performance.

Can power inductors withstand high operating temperatures?

Yes, power inductors are designed to operate at elevated temperatures. However, it is essential to choose power inductors with appropriate temperature ratings to ensure reliable operation. Our range of power inductors offers excellent thermal stability and can withstand a wide range of operating temperatures.


What industries or applications commonly use power inductors?

Power inductors find applications in various industries, including automotive, telecommunications, industrial automation, renewable energy, and consumer electronics. They are used in power supplies, voltage regulators, motor control circuits, DC-DC converters, and other applications requiring efficient power management and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance.


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