PFC Inductors: A Comparison of Different Core Materials

PFC Inductors: A Comparison of Different Core Materials

The PFC inductor is a crucial device utilized in power factor correction applications, facilitating optimal power utilization and minimizing energy losses. Its advanced design and durable construction ensure reliable performance and efficient energy conversion. With its compact size and industry-grade materials, this inductor offers enhanced thermal management and minimal electromagnetic interference, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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PFC Inductor: The Keystone of Energy-Efficient Power Systems

PFC Inductor: The Keystone of Energy-Efficient Power Systems

In the context of power electronics, the PFC inductor is a linchpin in terms of achieving energy efficiency and regulatory compliance. Our company's PFC inductors are built to optimize your power system performance, significantly reducing harmonic distortion and enhancing overall system stability.

The quality construction and precision engineering used make them an ideal choice for customers seeking high-end power factor correction solutions. Besides improving efficiency, these PFC inductors also help ensure that you comply with strict regulations. Pick our PFC inductors and unchain your power systems’ full potential.

Our PFC Inductors: Simplified Compliance

Our PFC Inductors: Simplified Compliance

The world of power regulations can be a complex one, but our PFC inductors makes compliance an easy task. We have made our products to meet the highest international requirements such that it helps your power systems operate legally and circumvent penalties and expensive fines.

Your business will be able to comply with regulations if you integrate our PFC inductors into your systems which will ensure continued operation for years to come. When you select our PFC inductors, you are relieved knowing your system is within the law’s requirements.

Our advanced PFC inductors will revolutionize your power systems

Our advanced PFC inductors will revolutionize your power systems

Want to change the way you think about your power systems? Look no further than our state-of-the-art PFC inductors. These gadgets are built with the latest technology, which makes them better performers in terms of power factor correction so that you can have an improved efficiency with your system. Unlike conventional designs, they are designed to make it easy for them to be integrated into your existing product line as well as improve performance and reliability.

By investing in these PFC inductors, you will be able to improve on the reputation of your brand while giving the best experience possible. Feel for yourself how it’s different – smoother operation, reduced energy costs, and longer life of installation.

Our High-Performance PFC Inductors Can Help You to Improve Your Product Line

Our High-Performance PFC Inductors Can Help You to Improve Your Product Line

A manufacturer like you always knows that it is very important to use components of highest quality in his products. That’s why we have our PFC inductors—a component designed specifically for your product line, which guarantees better performance and reliability.

Purchasing our PFC inductors is a long-term investment that assures reliable operation even after many years of usage. So, improve your product line with our high-performance PFC inductors and push your business further.

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Guangdong Liwang High-tech Co, Ltd. was founded in October 2004 and is located in Huizhou, a national civilized city. Liwang is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO18001, QC080000, IATF16949 quality system certification, products in line with RoHS, halogen-free, REACH requirements.

The company's business focuses on inductors and transformers, mainly used in magnetic components in the electronic industry such as new energy photovoltaic energy storage, OBC, mobile phone chargers, adapters, etc., and the end customers are Huawei,Sungrow,Goodwe,Sofar, BYD, Kstar, OPPO, Vivo, Mi, Honor, Amazon, LG, MOTO, Deye,etc...

The company, outstanding electronic materials supplier,has a number of intellectual property rights, including 1 corporate brand project, 4 registered trademarks, 159 patent information, 13 software copyrights2, enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Domestic and overseas, the company's products are also deeply trusted by customers.


Charger Transformer

Highly efficient and powerful, the Charger Transformer features a compact design for easy integration, durability for long-term reliability, advanced safety features, and compatibility with various electrical systems.

Ferrite Core Inductor

Our Ferrite Core Inductor stands out with high inductance, low core losses, and exceptional EMI suppression, ensuring efficient energy transfer and reliable performance across diverse applications.

High Frequency Transformer

With advanced core materials and winding techniques, our High Frequency Transformer delivers efficient and reliable power transfer, compact size, and high frequency operation for demanding applications.

Magnetic Ring Inductors

Your inductors are excellent, with better prices for the same quality. We look forward to continuing our cooperation next time


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The transformers and chargers are not only reliable but also efficient. Their products are of high quality and their services are excellent. They come highly recommended.


John Smithson

Stable and reliable products that meet our requirements. Customized solutions available. Satisfied with the product quality and service.


Maria López

Good product quality at a reasonable price. Punctual delivery and great technical support. Satisfied and will continue working with you.



Your inductor is excellent and the price is within my budget. I am very satisfied with your technology and product quality, and I hope to have a long-term cooperation.





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What is a PFC inductor, and how does it benefit my business?

A PFC inductor is a key component in power electronics that improves power efficiency and reduces harmonic distortion. By using PFC inductors in your products, you can enhance energy efficiency and meet regulatory requirements, ultimately saving costs and improving the overall performance of your devices.

What are the key features of your PFC inductors?

Our PFC inductors are characterized by high efficiency, compact design, and reliability. They are built to withstand demanding operating conditions while delivering superior power factor correction and minimizing energy losses.

In which applications can PFC inductors be utilized?

PFC inductors are suitable for a wide range of applications, including power supplies, LED drivers, industrial equipment, and motor control systems. They are essential for achieving efficient power conversion and ensuring stable operation in various electronic devices.

Can your PFC inductors be customized to meet specific requirements?

Yes, we offer customization options for our PFC inductors to accommodate specific technical and operational needs. Our engineering team can work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that align with your application requirements.

What sets your PFC inductors apart from other solutions on the market?

Our PFC inductors stand out due to their high-performance characteristics, advanced materials, and robust design. They are engineered to deliver exceptional power factor correction and minimize electromagnetic interference, providing a competitive edge for your products.


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